Success: Is it all about material things? (Part 1)

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Success means different things to different people. To a man whose sole interest is to make his children as comfortable as possible, he would consider himself successful if his children attend the best schools and get everything they need; to another father, success wouldn’t have been attained if he doesn’t have landed properties and tarty billion in the akant for them to squabble over after his demise.

In the ultra materialistic world that we live in today, success is almost always measured by account statements. A man is not considered successful by most people if he doesn’t wear new clothes, drive the latest cars and live in posh apartments. This is hardly helped by social media, where a lot of people have made it their life’s work to post pictures of every silly thing they buy and consequently, intentionally or unintentionally, put pressure on their followers who might feel inferior or underachieving.

A UK study carried out by the Royal Society for Public Health tested the psychological impact of social media use on 1,500 adolescents and concluded that almost every major social media platform had a negative impact on the subjects’ psychological wellbeing, ranging from anxiety to self-esteem. The research is clear; cases of depression have been on the rise right alongside the growth of social media, and the more social media an individual engages with, the higher their chance of having mood disorders.

But success isn’t or shouldn’t be all about material things. A lecturer shouldn’t feel like a failure if he doesn’t earn as much as his banker friend, provided he’s doing what he loves and he’s able to cater for his needs and wants.
It is the curse of mankind to always pursue something: you make a million and you start pursuing another million, you buy a car and your next agenda is getting a newer car, we always seek for something better and better till we lose all the good in us.
Don’t fall into that trap.

Written By: Babson

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