GOD WIN!!! Young Man Deposited N167k In His Bank Account… Credited With N1.67m Shares Story

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A Nigerian man has recounted the story of how he returned money that was mistakenly deposited in his bank account by a staff at the bank he uses.

A social media user identified as Obazie Sunday, has taken to a popular online platform and revealed how he went to a bank on June 5, 2018, to deposit a sum of N167,000 but he was credited with N1,670,000.

Obazie was suprised to see the credit alert and he immediately thought about transferring part of the money off his account, but few hours later, he got a call from his bank begging him to transfer the sum he had transferred off the account so they can initiate a reversal.

Sunday, however, returned the money to the bank after several calls from a staff and the bank manager who pleaded with him that they would loose their jobs.

Below is how he shared his story;


“Early this month, June 5, 2018, I went to the bank, (name withheld) to deposit 167000. I did the normal transaction and left.

Hours later, i saw an alert of 1,670,000. I was shocked and was tensed, because i have never handled that sum before. I thought it was a dummy sum, so i transferred 500,000 out ,to my other account.

I confided in a school bro, who told me to await the bank call, and told me not to tell anyone else.When i got home(8-9pm), i got a call from a banker there.

He said it was a mistake,and i should transfer the money to an account he would provide. My mind drifted to bankers siphoning money ,and i told him i’d rather come see the bank manager the following day.

He gave the bank manager the phone or i’d rather say a man who claimed to be the bank manager.

He said i should transfer the money, of which i bluntly refused ,and decided to go to their head office. I hung up,and switched off my phone ,to stop their incessant calls.

Then the next day, the banker called me, and pleaded that they could not balance their books, because of the fund in my account. And he said they did sack them, before 12:00pm if they dont.

I knw about the labour market, and how difficult it is to get jobs. So i told him i’d return the 500,000 which i transferr

I knw it wasnt scam or fraud bacause i did not transfer the money. They unfroze my account , so i could send and recieve cash. They also used the bank reversal technique.

I thought i was given the 4000 as a way of compensating me tho. So.i just transferred the 171,000 out of the account.

The next week or probably friday, cash was sent to the account, so i went to the bank to cash it out.

When i got there, they were just looking at mend the only thing i heard them say was”that is the boy”. Not even a soul came to say thank you.

I was not mad ,and i thought they saw no need in saying thank you, since they already said it in cash.

I withdrew the money from the bank, and when they wanted to give me the money, the “bank manager” told the cashier to take the 4000 out of it..

I was now given the balance.. I was very mad tho, but being an introvert, i was cool and i left the bank.I transferred over a million naira back, and a thank you was not given.

I was hurt, because then i had needs and wants. But i was not tempted to use the money.

Even if it happens again, i will not hesitate to be that good person.



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