For The Ladies! How To Spot Guys Who Just Want To Sleep With You And Run

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If he’s going to just sleep with you and ghost on you afterwards, the tips here will guide you on how to know.

Every intention a guy has for you can be identified or gleaned off the things they say or do towards you. You always have to watch and listen.

So when a guy comes into your space, jostling for attention, trying to work his way into your life and you want to know if he’s desirous of commitment or if he just wants to have cex with you a couple of times before pulling a disappearance act, here are the things you will see.

1. He tells you

There is no greater determinant of intent than what someone tells you they want to do. If he mentions, whether at an initial talking stage or at a later time that he’s not ready for commitment right now, you have to believe him.

Any type of sexual advances he makes after that does not negate that initial lack of desire for commitment. Chances are that he just still wants to smash and disappear.

2. Doesn’t say much else apart from cex talk

Another one way to know is when all conversations are somehow channeled towards cex or possessing a sexual undertone.

If a guy can barely chat or speak with you for five minutes before steering it towards things he wants to do to your body, you gotta take note.

3. He only reaches out in the night

There is a tendency for people to let their guard down during late night conversations. So if a guy only reaches out at night, chances are that he wants to hit and run, claims Inem Udodiong, presenter of Love, cex and Everything In Between, a relationships and cex session broadcast on Pulse Facebook Channel every Thursday.

“People’s guards are down in the night and then there’s a kind of spirit in the night which just lowers inhibition,” Inem says.

The power of observation

Truth is; unless a guy expressly states that he just wants to sleep with you and nothing more, you may never know for sure what his intent is. This is why your sixth sense and power of observation has to be topnotch at all times.

If you won’t be sexually defrauded and played for a fool, you’ll need this and a lot of carefulness.

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